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Lots of feedback appreciation from above link about scabies. So we’ll continue on the topic of the scabies mite to help inform, and re-post the video on the bottom of this page. Also, please note that none of the products featured on are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. And scabies is not a disease, it is a small crawling animal.

Questions and answers:

1. What’s the lifespan of a scabies mite? Answer is about one month.

2. How many eggs does the female mite lay? Answer is about 30-40 in her lifetime. Generally, about 3-4 a day. She reaches her sexual maturity in about two weeks. So she has about another two weeks to lay her eggs.

3.  What length can the scabies mite burrow? Answer is about a half of inch maximum during its lifetime. As seen in the video, she burrows using her mouth and legs, while eating human flesh. Her excrement sets off your immume system, as your body fights off infection. This is what causes the itch that leads to scratching.

4. Can the mites jump like a flea? Answer is no.

5. How do the mites move? The scabies mite is an 8 leg arthropod, and can crawl with their legs about one inch a minute. Scabies do not have eyes, so quite a prehistoric lineage.

6. What color are they? Answer is white, sometimes appearing cloudy clear.

7.  Does their burrowing penetrate into the bloodstream? Infection and blood poisoning in worst case scenarios can occur. But the mite does not enter into the bloodstream.

8. What’s the chance my bedmate will be affected? Answer is high probability. Bedding and towels are chief ways that mites find a new host. That’s one reason to make sure you have fresh bedding when sleeping in guest bedding like in hotels. Scabies can also embed in carpeting, waiting for a new host opportunity to crawl onto. Sofas and chairs with padding are also means of transmission. The mites like a cool environment, and also thrive in high humidity.

9. How long before symptoms can appear? Answer is that about 4 weeks if first time affected. Much sooner if you’ve had it before. Immunity system recognizes.

10.  Where on my body do the scabies mites prefer to be? Answer is a factor of relative moistness. So anywhere there are crevices. Underarm area, folds such as your elbow and knee areas. Pubic zone which can be awful and most embarrassing once itching sets in. Between the fingers and toes. Around the waistline.

11. Are there multiple types of scabies that affect humans. Answer is yes. If affected by the Norwegian or “crusted” variety, it populates more. The human immunity system works harder, and the sores will appear much more flaky or crusted, thus the name.

12. What other differences are there? Answer: one big difference is that the mite that crawls onto you takes longer to burrow than mites that are hatched from within you. A mite that finds a new host can take more than a day to begin successful burrowing. That’s one reason that a wash such as 10% sulfur soap is a good idea to take along when visiting hotels.

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