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Lora Stewart
Customer Service Manager

(July 3th, 2002, 11:19:05 am)

July 2002 - News from SulfurSoap.com
:D Hi,

It's Lora, with SulfurSoap.com.

Last month we heard from Sarah, - her introduction. She's a big part of helping get things done around here at SulfurSoap.com, and we hope she'll be doing more newsletters and sharing the good news in future editions.

The thing to remember about sulfur is that it has been used for many generations. Way back to the Roman days, people cherished sulfur bathes. Washing with sulfur is a natural and inexpensive way to take care of your skin.

Heads up! Sulfur tarnishes silver.

So, if you bathe with sulfur soap, and you wear silver, best to remove the silver jewelry and keep the sulfur suds away from the silver. Otherwise, you'll be finding a way to get that shine back from your silver jewelry!

So, if you wear silver toe rings for example, take 'em off before washing your feet with those sulfur soap suds!

Which brings us to the next subject! Here goes ... ! :

Have you tried SAL3 soap yet on your feet?

We are hearing back incredibly positive stories about how SAL3 soap is helping others. We hear that it is taking care of foot odors problems, and doing things like ridding dead, hardened skin, and helping soften callouses on feet. One user says that she definitely can tell her skin is much much smoother!

So how do you wash your feet with SAL3 soap? That's the best part. You can either do it yourself, or ask someone nicely if they would like to lather up for you!

Simply soak your feet in warm water. Wet the SAL3 soap bar, and build up a nice lather. Apply a generous amount of lather from your hands and from the bar directly to your feet. Make sure the suds get everywhere - even inside those toe crevices - you'll enjoy the freshest cleanest feet that way :)

Anyway, just let those suds soak. If you have problematic skin and hardened skin, apply the wetted bar directly to the foot and let it soak!

Then rinse and wash again if you'd like. If you would like more, just apply the wetted soap bar directly on your skin and pat dry without rinsing.

Notice that your skin is smoother and fresher already!

Want to make a new friend, rekindle a friendship, or add some romance to your marriage?

Well, offer to wash your friend's or partners feet with SAL3, and watch just how happy they'll be after you've helped their feet become so fresh and clean again! Feels so good!

Until next time!,

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