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Lora Stewart
Customer Service Manager

(March 1 2002, 4:10:44 pm)

March 2002 - News from SulfurSoap.com
:D Hi,

This is Lora with SulfurSoap.com.

It's that time again to do a newsletter, and yours truly is selected for this month's edition! So they say, make it fun and it's half done - and as I write this Friday afternoon, just want to let you know that we are having fun around here! Weekend is just around the corner ....

Last month David wrote about all the success around the world, helping all our great customers with soap in so many places. It real does bring joy and happiness to see our soap helping those everywhere. England, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Guam to name some places that our soap goes to. But you know, it's not really a surprise to me ~ because I know that this soap is the best. We all know that washing is important for skin care. And also, there's something special about sulfur - it really does do incredible things. I wash with our original sulfur soap everyday now - for me, it is not overdrying. I believe it kills bad things and actually helps bring out the oils inside my body, I believe that's good ~ helps get rid of all those oils inside and bring it out ~ just like exercise and sweat helps bring all that waste and poison out of the body and through the skin to surface. So that's the way I look at it.

Any way, this is March and it is still cold outside. But Spring and Summer are just around the corner, sure sounds nice. I thought it would be also be nice to write a piece about some of our special friends - our pets. I have two adorable dogs - Annie and Puppy, and last year I learned something brand new to me. What is it, you say? Well, customers would tell me that they used sulfur soap for their pets ~ to wash them and to keep the fleas and ticks away naturally - without all those expensive pesticides and who know's what chemicals that are sold these days!

Guess what? It worked great for my Annie and Puppy! I tried both our SAL-3 and original sulfur soap on them - and both did the job! Hey it makes sense, ticks and fleas hate hate hate sulfur, they'd rather live around something else than a sulfureeeeee dog, so they just jump off and find another home! Try it, and let us know if it works for you too !!! One thing I really liked about our soap is its lathering qualities - have you noticed how we designed the soap to lather up big time! Lots and lots of creamy and silky smooth suds - it's lovely !!!!! :) I just let that lather soak into the dogs for awhile before I rinsed them off. They don't seem to mind - when they shake after sudsing them, the soap stays in - and those little pesky fleas and ticks are trapped to soak in the soap and sulfur suds !!! Love just thinking about how those ticks and fleas must be breathing in that sulfur and trying to get away !!!!

Anyway, keep those cards, letters and emails coming in - we luv to hear from you. And it is always so nice to hear success stories. Some of you have been suffering for so long, and paying a fortune for those expensive products - so glad that you have found a practical, natural and inexpensive solution that helps - where else but right here at www.SulfurSoap.com.

Now, it's Friday afternoon and I just finished this month's newsletter so I am happy and looking forward to a great weekend. Hope you have one too! Have fun, stay happy, and we do really love you! Our customers are the best!



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