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Lora Stewart
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(September 29th, 2006, 11.42:32 am)

October 2006 - News from SulfurSoap.com
*** MRSA newsletter- methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

The May edition of Texas Monthly magazine shared a story about the growing prevelance of MRSA amongst school athletes and professional athletes. In one word, it's shocking.

It seems that the problem that hospitals have been experiencing with this superbug staph infection has now left the confines of hospitals and is seeping into our school athletic departments.

We know of another recent case in which a vibrantly healthy girl on a Division 1 university basketball team in Texas had a mosquito bite on her leg, just above her knee about her quad muscle. The trainer wrapped the girl's leg with an ACE bandage because the athlete complained of having a sore quad muscle and the trainer apparently thought little of the inflamed mosquito bite, and did not have a doctor look at it, or think of having a culture taken until it was too late. In one week's time, the MRSA had invaded the bite, and began taking over. Four surgeries later on her leg, and after one week in the hospital, she is lucky to still have a leg and be alive, and is now on a long recovery, with daily outpatient wound care, and a regimen of antibiotics and pain killers.

So people, be on the lookout and be careful. This MRSA is a threat. Understand it. Prevent it. And if in doubt, go to a doctor and ask if it is MRSA. (only a culture by your doctor will tell you if it is).

We've been asked if our 10% sulfur soap is a good hand wash and body wash. It's interesting reading the above Texas Monthly article, as the artificial turf industry indicates that the sulfur remants from the recycled tires they use to make the turf are cited as thwarting the MRSA bacteria.

We'll be on the lookout for scholarly articles from the medical industry about the use of sulfur topically to thwart the growth of MRSA. If you are a medical scientist doing this research, please send us an email and let us know your work. We may be interested to donate some funding to help research and eradicate this awful menace bacteria.

Interesting reading about the many thoughts how to manage MRSA. Ever heard of using probiatics like yoghurt to manage MRSA? Click here for the article.The notion is to dip your hands in yogurt after cleaning, thereby having good bacteria, instead of stripping all bacteria the way it is now done when alcohol based hand washing essentially removes good and bad bacteria and may facilitate the MRSA to attach and grow rapidly in a open environment without other bacteria to contend with.

Anyway, until more research is done, we would like to pass on the following tips in dealing with MRSA:


• Wash hands thoroughly and often with soap and water. (Sulfur soap is a good hand wash and has antiseptic properties.)
• Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed. Keep bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide available and use it to treat all wounds - even a scratch
• Avoid contact with other people's wounds or bandages.
Don't share towels, washcloths, razors, soap, ointments or other personal items.
• Wipe down athletic gear such as mats, head protectors and gym equipment with alcohol or antiseptic solution after each person uses it.
• See a doctor if you have a sore or boil, and don't try to drain it yourself at home. If in doubt, insist on a culture to test if it is MRSA.

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