Livestock and Pet Care – ALLHIDE®

41KnvRutT9L._SY450_allhide-tubPets and Livestock.

Rich in all natural ingredients.
Big tub – 44 ounces. Great price!

    AllHide® premium trademark sulfur ointment conditioner for horses, cattle, goats, dogs and feline.

* Farm animal’s best friend. Multipurpose. Mites – relief from scratching. Abrasions. Horse hoof, ear, hide, coat hair.
* All natural. Absolutely zero petroleum base ingredients. No mineral oil !
* 74% colloidal sulfur suspension. Manufactured by Braunfels Labs, using advanced proprietary processes and equipment.

* Distributed throughout the USA and worldwide.allhide-tub

To order this 44 ounce big tub, please click here


Also available in a 12 ounce size, click here.

allhide_small tube

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