With regards to shipments that are unauthorized returns with USPS advising wth markings on the package:
1. Return to Sender
2. No mail receptacle
3. Unable to forward, or
4. Return to sender.
In the above cases, we refund the purchase price minus a restocking charge. Refunds are provided only for any unopened, unused soap bars. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the order date. (we do not refund used soap bars). Unused soap bars are refunded on a pro rata basis. So if you ordered 8 bars originally, and returned 5 new unopened bars, you may receive a refund for 5 bars. For unauthorized returns via USPS, this restock charge is postage cost + packaging, inspection and restock fee. For example, in the case of a single bar, this amounts to $2.47. This amount includes the banking fees assessed to us by the credit card company, which we have no control over. The banks seem to often have increasing transaction costs, whether for initial charges or refunds. Please see image below of a USPS unauthorized return example - the customer did not have a mail receptacle to deliver the package to (NMR), so the item was returned by the USPS. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi ! - This shipping newsletter page dates back about 10 years ago,
and it's still pertinent!
So for nostalgia sake, ... here it is ! :)
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Lora Stewart
Customer Service

(3/4/01 9:50:13 am)
(11/29/01 10:57:19 am)

Shipping and Ordering information from SulfurSoap.com
:D Hi,

This is Lora with SulfurSoap.com.

Some have asked questions about how we ship, so here's the way we do it!

When you order one of our special packs ( 6 pack / 8 pack / 12 pack ) and if you live in the United States, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. You'll receive your soap within a few days, in a red, white and blue Priority box, with our SulfurSoap.com return address stamped on the box.
Priority box from SulfurSoap.com    Priority box from SulfurSoap.com

If you order one, two, or three bars, we ship USPS First Class, and you'll receive a brown bubble wrap Care Mail package from us!

It looks like this:
Care mail from SulfurSoap.com

If you live in Canada or Mexico, we ship via Air Mail.

If you live in Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, or Asia, you're soap arrives via special Jet Air Pak, and you should receive in about 1- 3 weeks from ship date(depends on your country's custom procedures - you may be responsible for any duty by the way - sometimes this is assessed, sometimes not !).

You'll receive an email after you order, with product and shipping information, so please be sure to leave us your correct email address on the order!

If you have questions about ordering, here's the place! :)
Or, you can always email us at salessulfursoap.com

When paying by credit card, your order begins order entry procedures within about an hour of receipt !

After your order is received, it is processed and your soap packaged, and you're sent an email with shipping confirmation, and product information.

If you live in the United States and territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands, you should receive your soap within 3-4 days, via USPS. Delivered right to your mailbox!

USPS promises 2-3 day delivery for Priority Mail. And whenever possible, orders are brought right to the USPS Air Facility in our area, to improve shipping time. That is the type of thing we do for you and our other customers, because we have a lot of pride! ;)

When ordering 1, 2 or 3 bars, your order ships via USPS First Class Mail, in a brown - bubble wrap protected envelope. That's because we care a lot! :) You should receive your package in about a week or so. Those of you who live, in Guam or Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, it takes a few more days or so! :)

And yes, shipping is free to all those in the United States. In fact, we have special prices for all our customers in the world, that always includes shipping. Just check out our order form.

So, if you have any more questions about how we ship, just let us know!

And do let us know how you like the soap!:)



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