Got Mites, Bedbugs? Advanced Cleanser.

 An advanced premium wash for mites, bedbugs and special applications.

Yes,  soaps are an ideal skin wash.

But what about laundry, bedding, floors, furniture, … and the list goes on? We’re so pleased to offer our customers a complementary offering & cleanser solution to the problems associated with mites and bedbugs –  Kleen Green™ Multipurpose Cleaner.

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Science at its best. Please read on, because this cleanser is truly best in class.

Why and How Kleen Green™ Works

Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green is introduced to the insect, the enzymes act and can cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely. Poison pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not always effective. University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products. This revolutionary product is now available to the general consumer. Preformed enzymes have been used widely in restaurant and institutional settings for the last ten years, due to their low toxicity and superior cleaning properties. They are also becoming widely accepted in the field of pest cleaning as enzymes leave no toxic residues and the enzymatic effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe. SAFE for Gardens, Plants, Ponds and around children and pets!

A Natural Alternative to Toxic Products

  • Fast Acting
  • Does Not Produce Toxic Fumes
  • Extremely Economical
  • More Effective and Safer than Pesticides!kleengreen_180x150_b3

Kleen Green: Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free Spray


Super Concentrated – Pesticide Free

  • 8 oz makes 2 quarts
  • 16oz makes 4 quarts
  • 32oz makes 8 quarts
  • 64 oz makes 16 quarts
  • 128oz makes 32 quarts
  • Also available in 5 gallons





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  1. For the bedbugs: buy a bug pcroettor for their beds. They are basically sheets that you cover the entire bed with and zip up, locking the bugs inside. You can get them at Target for like 12 bucks. Do not unzip the sheets because bed bugs can survive for up to a year without outside nutrients. Try to lift their beds up as well, with four wooden legs or something. Basically get the beds off the floor and put space between the beds and the walls. Limit their access to the beds.. Consider placing the legs inside smooth cups filled with a killing substance.(abandon that idea if you have pets or children) As for the roaches. Spray raid along the bases of the walls, cracks and around the outside of the house. Was this answer helpful?

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