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  1. Alison Maher

    I caught sarcoptic scabies from our pup who had small mite in telescope at vets.I have pup on Revolution once a month for three months now.Can I or anyone else catch scabies again from this dog now that he has been treated with Revolution? Appreciate your insight and all the info on this site.

    • Sulfur Soap

      Dogs have a different mite commonly referred to as mange. Please discuss with your doctor that mange is not known to affect humans.

      Edit: you can find more information at this website

  2. Rev. C. T. H.

    I am in tears with gratitude for your sulfur soap and sulfur butter. I had been battling a mite infection that I must have picked up hugging one of my elderly parishioners or during a recent vacation to San Antonio. The permethrin cream was not working but your soap and butter made almost an immediate difference. I plan on using your soap regularly, now, as my daily soap. I found you by accident, in desperate research for an alternative cure. The NIH published a study done at Baghdad Teaching Hospital in 2012, pointing to a “sulfur cream” having a 97% cure rate in three days. I began looking for the product, and found you! I won’t stop in three days, though! I’m going to be using these products as long as I live because I like what the soap does to my skin! Thank you and God bless you!

  3. For the bedbugs: buy a bug pcroettor for their beds. They are basically sheets that you cover the entire bed with and zip up, locking the bugs inside. You can get them at Target for like 12 bucks. Do not unzip the sheets because bed bugs can survive for up to a year without outside nutrients. Try to lift their beds up as well, with four wooden legs or something. Basically get the beds off the floor and put space between the beds and the walls. Limit their access to the beds.. Consider placing the legs inside smooth cups filled with a killing substance.(abandon that idea if you have pets or children) As for the roaches. Spray raid along the bases of the walls, cracks and around the outside of the house. Was this answer helpful?

  4. Jim Keith

    The above photo of the man with a severe rash appears to be a classic case of Grover’s disease (Transient acantholytic dermatosis) that is an autoimmune disorder rather than mite infestation. While the symptoms are similar to scabies, such responds to steroids rather than scabies treatment. I know because I, myself, struggled with this for years before being diagnosed by a dermatologist.

  5. Trisha R.N.

    I’m a nurse and knew very little about scabies and mites until 6 months ago. It has been a nightmare. Repeated treatments of Permethrin weren’t successful despite laundering all clothing, bedding, and curtains; vacuuming carpets, mattresses, and furniture repeatedly; exterminator mite treatments to the home and yard. I came across your product while searching the Internet for answers after traditional means failed. Thank you for making your products available.