Mite Pack BIG Tubs- Scabasil® Ointment, Kleen Green 32 oz bottle (makes 2 gallons), 4 Sulfur Wash bars, Sulfur Butter & Essential Oils


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  • 9  pack comprises: Big 8oz tub of Scabasil 10% Sulfur Ointment, big 8oz tub of Sulfur Butter Creme 'n Ointment 10% Sulfur, 2 bars 10% Sulfur Soap ( 10% Sulfur), 2 bars SAL3 soap, 10 ml bottle Australian Tea Tree Oil, 10 ml bottle Neem Oil, 32 ounce bottle of Kleen Green Naturally (makes 32 gallons).
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  • All premium. Highest quality. All natural. Vegan Care.
  • Kleen Green is used to clean bedding, carpet, and furniture upholstery. 32 ounces makes 2 gallons of wash.
  • Nature's bonus – Sulfur Butter may be refrigerated for an extraordinarily refreshing feel. Soothing wash & conditioner relief for itching related to Mites – Mange and other Arthropods.
  • Braunfels Labs, Texas, U.S.A.

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