Our 10% sulfur soap is natural scent. No perfume.

Our advanced processes and premium ingredients yield the finest 10% sulfur soap in the world.


Other features:

Colloidal sulfur base, creates a creamy emulsion when properly activated. Perfect for application.

Even at 10% Sulfur, our  ingredients and processes are so pure, there’s no need to mask with artificial fragrances. Ever wonder why other soap brands have a much lower sulfur percentage?

Proprietary miscibility formulation. Optimizes efficacy.


Did you know?

Nature’s element Sulfur is actually completely odorless in its pure form. That’s right, pure sulfur has no scent! It’s only when compounding with other elements and compounds that the very distinctive odors and many times foul are formed. So it’s up to the manufacturer to make both a properly effective sulfur soap, and one that is made so that is doesn’t have that foul smell. That ‘rotten egg’ smell that many people connote with sulfur is actually a scent created when sulfur reacts with decomposing compounds within the egg. Remember that sulfur is antiseptic and antifungal, so it is active in these types of environments. When bacteria dies, it can smell badly. The natural scent of our soap is actually formed when it is compounded with natural ingredients in our soap – ie. saponified oils in our neutral soap base. That’s the scent. We do not add perfumes! That’s right, zero perfume. Our sulfur soap is made with purest sulfur, and is compounded in a proprietary process at just the right stage temperatures and processes, including set times. We believe we have the finest sulfur soap in the world, and with the highest percentage of effective sulfur (10%) on the market today. Using advanced processes to compound the soap means we don’t have to mask our soap with fragrance. Our 10% sulfur soap is truly crafted to be second to none. It is our flagship product and a pleasure everyday to offer to our wonderful loyal customer base. Compare our 10% sulfur soap with any other product available and see how advanced processes compounds into the best sulfur soap available. Our processes allow us to utilize 10% sulfur, without the foul smell associated common with other sulfur products of equal measure.




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