Scabies – Video

Lots of requests for the Scabies mite video. We are passing along information about small tiny animals. Please note. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are wash soaps, and moisturizers for dry or itchy skin. Your doctor can prescribe medicines or recommend other products to you for the treatment of the effects from mites. Soaps and moisturizers are not treatments.

—Update- Dec 17, 2016 – Also, if you are looking for more information about bedbugs, and mites such as dust, scabies, flower and others, and other small creatures- please send an email. This way we may help you find more background information about these creatures, and always discuss with your doctor first! Here’s an informative video about all such creatures – it starts with bedbugs, then mites, then other small animals in their respective phylum – copy and paste:

When using  our 10% sulfur soap as a wash,  make sure to activate the soap bar following labelled instructions. Soak the bar  in warm water for at least 20 seconds before directly applying to wetted skin and scalp. Build a creamy emulsion and let soak, before rinsing or for more effect, pat dry with a wet towel instead of a full rinse. Twice a day.

FiSAL3 and Sulfur Soaprst timers: Best way to  develop and see for yourself the creamy emulsion is to apply it to your scalp first. Rub into wetted hair with shower lightly sprinkling. Continue rubbing until the creamy suds are formed. Keep on rubbing in, and you’ll build an amazing creamy lather. That’s the goal with the soap, and let it soak in. You can take that lather directly to your body too, while rubbing the soap throughout your skin on your body. This is no ordinary simple soap. It is a 10% sulfur colloidal system, and when you activate the bar, it does wonders.

You’re trying to catch the egg cycle, so it’s important to keep up with the program. Once again, follow your doctor’s directions. Remember that those critters many times are all over bedding, sofas, carpets, so when you are scabies free, lots of people keep up with the soap routine for at least another 4-6 weeks to make sure they’ve knocked out the cycle for good. It’s very important to keep clean by washing clothes, bedding and to bathe regularly.Mitesil

If you find the 10% sulfur soap is overly drying, we offer Mitesil™ Sulfur Cream as a moisturizer. Click here for Mitesil offers.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are wash soaps, and moisturizers for dry or itchy skin . Your doctor can prescribe medicines or other products to you.


Note: we’ve had a reader complain on a website called the Squeeky wheel that a photo of a person was not related to the scabies animal but instead was something else. (His desire was that this post have information about Grover’s disease to alert customers that the symptoms are similar to scabies, or to remove the photo. And whether or not it was a person with scabies mites on them was his personal opinion.) Actually, the photo came from a medical news article about scabies and the results of scabies and we had permission to use the photo. The reader complained and implied that we were trying to “profit” from an inaccurate photo. Actually, that is not true. We simply provided a photo to be helpful.
Not to “profit” – to be helpful! But since somebody need to force their opinion and we believe slander a small business by trying to punish us, we have removed the photo. He wins in this way. And we suppose he BELIEVES HEis more an expert than the medical news article that was published… So the photo is no longer on this page. What’s interesting is that he did not offer a suitable replacement informative article – just attack us to force his will. That’s the way some people behave. In the meantime, we have kindly asked him to remove his critical post against our company. Let’s see how he behaves. If it is removed, then we will remove this special note. – Best regards to all, from small business America. The finest 10% sulfur soap in the world, here at – and it does not treat any disease related to Grover’s or if there is a disease resultant to scabies for that matter. If you have a disease, please see your doctor first for medical treatment or advice.